The first Chez Maman store was born in 2006 with the idea of bringing something new to a rather "classic" market of watch stores.

For the past 10 years, the Swedish "Maman" Eva, the founder of the Chez Maman story, and her team of design-addicts, have been going around like gold diggers looking for anything that gives time and can end up on their wrist, and so definitely on yours.

Our selection criteria are rather simple, but as any designer in his right mind would tell you, it is very complicated to be simple.

So yes, we keep digging, travelling,searching for and trying new watches and when we find the perfect design, the impeccable quality as well as the adequate price... Ta-da!

Our watches come from all over the world: Japan, Paris, Besançon, Switzerland, New York, Stockholm... and they're designed as much by big names in design as by young graphic designers and designers who will, as we certainly hope,be the future of Design.

So yeah... This is Chez Maman, a true melting pot,,, a student can be buying a Casio watch while the Rolling Stones are playing in the background, and 2 minutes later a collector of Lip watches will be asking about the new movement on the automatic Himalaya, while listening to some good ol' LL Cool J.